Equine Reproduction at Tomlinson Equine

Embryo Transfer for Competition Mares & Polo Ponies
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Our Team: We boast a team of specialist equine reproduction vets, clinical vets and laboratory technicians as well as expert stallion handlers, stud grooms and efficient administration staff. Working together, this team offers high standards and excellent results.  

Embryo Transfer:  Since 2002 Tomlinson Equine produced many embryo transfer pregnancies each year from valuable, often competing, donor mares by utilising a recipient mare to carry the pregnancy to full term. The donor mare is inseminated and about a week after ovulation, the donor’s uterus is non-surgically flushed out and the recovered embryo is then non-surgically transferred into a recipient mare’s uterus. 

To compliment our Embryo Transfer we also offer the option to receive Chilled Transported Embryos this is where an embryo, flushed out of your mare by a suitably competent reproduction vet, is transported to Tomlinson Equine on the day of the flushing and transferred into a perfectly synchronised, suitable recipient mare. In order for this route to be successful both vets need to be able to communicate with each other directly.

A service many may not think possible is Embryo Freezing. Tomlinson Equine has been successfully freezing embryos for a number of years.  This process allows embryos to be collected (by the same process of non-surgical uterine flushing) and instead of being transferred into a recipient mare, the embryo is frozen and can be stored.

Broodmare AI: Fresh, Chilled & Frozen Semen: 

Tomlinson Equine inseminates many broodmares each year, often succeeding where others have failed with Artificial Insemination. We work with fresh, chilled or frozen semen and have very good success rates with all semen types. 

Tomlinson Equine is also a  DEFRA Approved Semen Collection and Freezing centre.