Pricelist, Booking & Admission Forms

Tomlinson Equine Brochure

Take a look at our Brochure for a more in depth explanation of the services we provide. 

Pricelist – Reproduction & Stud Services

Price list, please refer to the price list as a guide only and contact the centre who can discuss pricing with you in more detail. Please note our price list is subject to change. 

Ambulatory Vets – POA

For pricing for ambulatory vet work, please contact the office who can discuss pricing with you in more detail.

Tomlinson Equine Health Requirements

A summary of the tests required for all horses entering the centre. Please let us know if you have any queries about the tests required before your mare or stallion arrives at the centre.

Booking Form – Mare

Booking Form needs to be completed in order to book in any donor mares for embryo transfer or broodmares for AI only. Please complete and return booking form the office via fax, email or post.

Recipient Mare Application Form

If you have a Mare you would like us to use as a Recipient Mare please fill this form in. Filling this form in does not guarantee we will use your mare as a recipient. The mare will go through a selection process so please include as much detail as possible with the initial application. 

Booking Form – Stallion

To be completed and returned to Tomlinson Equine for Stallions visiting or staying at the centre for training.  

Tomlinson Equine Stallion Nomination Form

To be used when you have selected your Stallion. This form is then sent to the stallion owner. This form only needs to be filled in once and when you wish to order the Stallions semen you will need to use the Semen Request form below. 

Tomlinson Equine Semen Request Form

To be completed for all mares using any Tomlinson Equine Stallions, including external mares requiring frozen / chilled semen sending out to them.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions. Please read these carefully and if you have any questions please contact the office.